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Oceans2Earth strives to assist with local solutions to global problems. O2E was founded in Melbourne, Australia in 2010 for the purpose of providing resources and financial assistance to animal welfare and conservation projects including elephant sanctuary land in Kenya, cat and dog rescue in Africa and community recycled product projects in Asia and Africa. The O2E Foundation aims to facilitate people’s awareness of the impacts of animal tourism, trade and human intervention on the welfare, sustainability and general health of wildlife populations.

Monday, 17 October 2011

New threat to endangered Congo gorilla

Sadly there are only approximately 480 gorillas in the Virunga volcano area of the Democratic Republic of Congo, with less than 800 worldwide.
Whilst authorities have sought to crack down on the illegal poaching of these gorgeous creatures, it appears that they are fighting an uphill battle. In its fourth raid since April, an anti-poaching raid uncovered this little guy hidden in a rucksack!

Photo courtesy of Guardian post UK

Four babies have been recovered this year alone. Unfortunately these raids only scratch the surface of this wildlife trading issue. Ape Alliance thinks that the Middle East is a large source of demand with wealthy animal collectors and the local tradition of soliciting favours with large, exotic gifts. Poachers can claim in excess of $40,000USD ($26,000UK) for each gorilla kidnapped from its parents and natural habitat.

It goes without saying that such an incentive may be seen as attractive to a poor Congo local.

You can help by:
  1. talk to your friends
  2. share this blog
  3. contact Ape Alliance (www.4apes.com) to register your support
  4. Volunteer Australia with O2E

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