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Oceans2Earth strives to assist with local solutions to global problems. O2E was founded in Melbourne, Australia in 2010 for the purpose of providing resources and financial assistance to animal welfare and conservation projects including elephant sanctuary land in Kenya, cat and dog rescue in Africa and community recycled product projects in Asia and Africa. The O2E Foundation aims to facilitate people’s awareness of the impacts of animal tourism, trade and human intervention on the welfare, sustainability and general health of wildlife populations.

Monday, 27 February 2012

Oceans2Earth goes to the circus

The circus is in town in Melbourne, Australia. Oceans2Earth volunteers headed to Stardust Circus to join forces with other animal welfare activists to peacefully protest against the inclusion of animals in this entertainment program.

Stardust rates the performing animals as the lynchpin of their circus.

The circus includes lions, monkeys, horses, ponies and dogs. Stardust stubbornly remains one of the last circuses in Australia to keep animals on the bill for the entertainment of kids.

Interesting for me was the feedback from punters heading in to buy tickets, keen to find a distraction to keep the kids out of their hair for the day. Check this...

"I didn't know they had animals. That's unusual"

"I know they shouldn't do it but I haven't seen animals for ages so its cool"

"Give me that flyer. My daughter needs to read this. She does't get how wrong it is"

"No son, no animal should be kept in cages all the time"

"Have you ever trained an animal? You train with kindness so this isn't cruel".

Here's the images taken by Thomas King and Tray Leske on the day. Thanks guys

 The Stardust circus is doing the Melbourne rounds in February and March 2012.


Talk to your kids if you have them. Explain the situation. LIVE the concept that animals are wild.

Come down to Cranbourne on 3rd March at 3pm and hand out some flyers. Email or FB O2E if you need directions.

Joni the Facebook event page for the protest on the 3rd. See you there!
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