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Oceans2Earth strives to assist with local solutions to global problems. O2E was founded in Melbourne, Australia in 2010 for the purpose of providing resources and financial assistance to animal welfare and conservation projects including elephant sanctuary land in Kenya, cat and dog rescue in Africa and community recycled product projects in Asia and Africa. The O2E Foundation aims to facilitate people’s awareness of the impacts of animal tourism, trade and human intervention on the welfare, sustainability and general health of wildlife populations.

Monday, 19 December 2011

A must watch: The Elephant Tree!

Watch the elephants knock the fruit out of the tree and all the animals eat
it off the ground. This is a real video from a French documentary about Africa. You may not understand French, but the video is funny.

There are trees that grow in Africa which, once a year, produce very juicy fruit that contain a high percentage of alcohol.

The tree is known as the "Elephant Tree" because elephants have a fondness for the fruit. Because there is a shortage of water in that area, as soon as the fruits are ripe, animals come there to help relieve themselves of the heat. You will easily know who has over-indulged!

The tree is the Marula tree. You can buy a great liqueur named "Amarula" which is made with the fruit and causream.
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